Texas Veterans Illegally Arrested, Guns Confiscated



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On the evening of November 30, 2013 Joey Posey, a veteran of the Army’s 101st Airborne was arrested and jailed by police in Andrews, TX. He had taken a walk with his children to get ice cream and french fries and decided to openly carry his AR-15 in addition to his legally concealed handgun. Although the open carry of a longarm is legal in Texas, it was for this reason that he and his children found themselves forced to the ground as soon as the police arrived on the scene. For two months now SPC Posey has been in legal limbo. There have been no charges filed yet his weapons have not been returned and his concealed-carry license has been suspended. What Joey didn’t know when he left his house that night was that he was not the first person whose firearms rights have been suppressed in Andrews.

To show support for Joey Come and Take It Midland/Odessa organized an open carry walk in Andrews in the weeks after Joey’s arrest. As the walk was coming to an end, Andrews police approached the group of demonstrators telling them that if they did not disperse they would be in violation of a municipal code that pertains to motor vehicle operation.


The second CATI walk in Andrews, TX was nearly three times the size of the first one. The primary mission of CATI is education.

Following that incident, three members of Come and Take It Texas met with Andrews, TX Police Chief Bud Jones to ensure that the rights of Texans would no longer be suppressed by his department and to get permits signed for their upcoming demonstrations in Andrews. In that meeting the Chief assured them that and understanding had been reached. He gave his word that he would do everything in his power to protect the legal rights of gun owners in the future.  At one time, when a Texan made a promise and shook your hand, you could rest assured that he would keep his word. Unfortunately, Chief Bud Jones failed to keep his word, and he failed to honor the oath that he swore to the Constitution. 

On January 23rd, 2014 former Army Sergeant Michael Keoughan, one of the CATI members that met with Chief Jones, went to Andrews to survey the approved route for their next open carry walk. Given the multiple reports that Andrews PD had used intimidation to ‘convince’ people not to open carry in Andrews, Michael also wanted to film himself open carrying that day and prove to the members of the the new CATI chapter in Andrews that they no longer needed to fear their police department. Sadly, Michael was illegally arrested that day, and his weapons were unlawfully confiscated. CATI had recorded their meeting with the Chief, and have some of that interview posted on their YouTube channel but the local media in the area refuses to address this part of the story. It seems the ‘good ol’ boy’ system is still alive and well in West Texas.

As if this story wasn’t bad enough;

When a local news station posted a story on their Facebook page about Keoughan’s arrest and the upcoming CATI demonstration to be held in Andrews, a resident of that town made threats against the group in the comments section of the post.

threat 1 threat 2

Two of CATI’s members were so concerned by the threats that they contacted Andrews PD to file a report in case the man did make good on his threats. One of the members, an over-the-road trucker, was told that a report would not be taken. The officer went on to inform the caller that the town was full of “rednecks” that would likely shoot members of CATI and that the victims could expect that the person would never be found or brought to justice. 

A Sheriff’s Deputy was recorded as he made a similar comment to CATI members while they were waiting for Keoughan to be released from Andrews County Jail. 

The other CATI member was told that a report could not be made over the phone but, if she would make the seventy mile drive to Andrews, that a report could be made in person. She immediately drove to Andrews only to find that the entire police department was too busy “in a meeting” to speak with her. A Texas Ranger stationed in Andrews made it clear that no one was going to take a report calling the posts a “perceived threat”.

Local media has ignored these two cases of dereliction of duty, just as they have refused to report the facts showing that both of these veterans have been victims of Official Oppression
Michael Keoughan and Joey Posey - CATITX

Michael Keoughan and Joey Posey – CATITX

Come and Take It Texas will be holding another demonstration in Andrews, Texas on February 15th, 2014 as they continue to seek justice for these soldiers. However the struggle is far from over. If you would like to contribute to their legal defense, click on the following links for Joey Posey and Michael Keoughan.  Please help this story go viral! Spread this link and these [one] [two] to everyone you know including other news outlets. You can also contact Police Chief Bud Jones and help us respectfully educate him on the meaning of the oath that he swore to uphold.

James Franklin – CATI TX


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DHS, Craft Intl. Training Texas Cops


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Thanks to the Super Bowl and the sudden snow last night, there were almost no witnesses to the joint training exercise conducted this morning at the Midland Park Mall in Midland, TX. The drill was not announced to the public but a City of Midland website  describes the event as a multi-agency training exercise designed to test the coordinated response to emergency events.

The exercise included the police departments of Midland and Odessa, Texas as well as Midland Fire/EMS and the Midland County Sheriff’s Dept. Also on hand were volunteer role-players and crisis actors. Mobile command units from the Midland and Odessa police departments were deployed along with a communications trailer and a Bearcat armored personnel transport.


Unfortunately the militarization of local police departments by the Department of Homeland Security has become commonplace in our country and not surprisingly the press was kept at a distance. Perhaps the most disturbing part of today’s events was the sighting of a Midland police officer at an adjoining restaurant wearing a Craft International cold-weather hat while ordering breakfast burritos. The hat features the Craft International skull logo on the front; and on the back a slogan that reads ‘violence does solve problems’. Craft International has become infamous due to their presence at the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and the evidence that they may have been the actual perpetrators of the attacks. 4chan ThinkTank is crediting with releasing much of the damning evidence , including this photo.

James Franklin –


Texas Veterans Illegally Arrested – Guns Confiscated


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A second US Army veteran was unlawfully arrested in the small town of Andrews, TX last week. Sgt. Michael Keoughan of Midland, Texas; a member of the gun-rights group Come and Take It Texas, was arrested and had his weapons confiscated while surveying a route for a demonstration that Come and Take It held in Andrews three days later. This comes following a similar arrest and confiscation suffered by CATI member, Spc. Joey Posey, of Andrews, Texas. Each of these men were detained by law enforcement because they were openly carrying longarms which is legal under Texas law and a practice that has been increasing in regularity across the state.

Police Chief Bud Jones fumbled through interviews with reporters on Thursday claiming that he didn’t know Keoughan but also referencing conversations that took place during a meeting with Come and Take It representatives two weeks prior. Keoughan was one of the three CATI members in that meeting. Although it is CATI procedure to make courtesy calls to law enforcement, Keoughan specifically asked Jones if an individual would need to notify law enforcement before openly carrying. Bud Jones said it was not necessary. Following the news reports a resident of Andrews threatened CATI members on Facebook but Andrews police refused to file a report on the matter twice on Friday. Come and Take It Midland/Odessa has since released portions of the recording they made while meeting with Jones in an effort to expose the illegal misconduct of the Andrews, Texas police department.

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Texas Senator John Cornyn Joins Obama in the War On Guns


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It was announced earlier this week that Texas Senator John Cornyn has introduced a bill called the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. 

Supporters say that this is an important bill that, if ratified, would help to preserve our embattled Second Amendment and prevent federal infringement upon the rights of gun owners.

But let’s examine that assumption more closely.

For starters, our founders intended that our right to arms would never be infringed upon. Meaning that American citizens should be able to freely keep and bear all of the military armaments necessary to defend our country from our enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet each time the federal government has overstepped it’s bounds and enacted weapons regulations we have seen our rights infringed upon. These infringements often violate multiple amendments in the Bill of Rights simultaneously.

This week the progressive propaganda machine strategically filled the wires with fluff pieces about a Senator that one would assume to be a political enemy and helped to shore up Cornyn’s ‘conservative’ credentials in the wake of recent attacks on his record. Similarly the NRA has endorsed Senator Cornyn which stands out as a red flag to politically savvy gun owners.

What the bill’s supporters fail to mention is that concealed-carry reciprocity is already well established by the states that are not waging a jihad on all things weapon-related.  It’s this fact that highlights what may be the most glaring flaw in the perspective of the bill’s supporters. This bill is another assault on our Tenth Amendment that would further strip away states’ rights and grant unconstitutional authority to the federal government.

Clearly, the deceptively named “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” is a fraud from the start reminiscent of Obama’s “Affordable Health Care Act”. It’s certainly believable that a politically shrewd Senator Cornyn may have proposed the bill at this time in an attempt to distract Liberty-conscious voters from his political record.

One of the hottest debates in Texas politics right now is whether or not John Cornyn is a ‘liberal’ or a ‘conservative’. However we can make short work of this debate simply by reading Senator John Cornyn’s Top Ten Worst Votes as posted by FreedomWorks] There we find that the Senator works to represent the interests of the federal government to the detriment of all Americans.

Perhaps that’s why the opponents of Senator Cornyn’s bill argue that it’s true purpose is to be the first step on the road towards federal gun permits.  Cornyn’s proposed legislation is not just unnecessary but the implementation of it will certainly necessitate additional government spending. Given that our nation nearly went bankrupt only two months ago, even Constitutionally-indifferent Americans have good cause to call foul on Cornyn’s fraud.


The Snowden Effect


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0618-snowden-poster-630x420photo courtesy of Business Week

When I first wrote about Edward Snowden, he had been an internationally known figure for about three months. At that time public opinion on him was neatly divided into supporters and opponents. We knew very little about him and certainly not enough to understand his motives or intentions concerning his leaks to Glenn Greenwald. Six months later we still know next to nothing about Snowden and what is known gives us more questions than answers.

The BBC reports that only 1% of the files that Snowden leaked have been revealed to the public.  We are supposed to believe that since they are in the hands of Glenn Greenwald, they will be all made public in due time and that the establishment media will have no hand in censoring them on behalf of government. However, nearly immediately after receiving the Snowden documents, this supposed opponent of state-run media signed a book deal with a subsidiary of one of the most blatantly state-controlled media outlets in history. He’s also promised the publisher that he will withhold some of the “best” secrets from us and include them in his book so that the corporation as well as Greenwald himself will become very wealthy from our ignorance and oppression. Which begs the questions, how genuine is this “champion of the people”? What other secrets has he promised to withhold and for what reasons; or at price? More critically, why has Snowden himself retreated into the background and why is he not engaged in publicly releasing the information that he passed to Greenwald?

Three months ago had a person questioned Snowden’s character or motives, they would’ve been considered part of the effort to defend the governments betrayal of citizens. Fortunately we’re now examining this event more objectively.

For decades most of the public has ignored or refused to believe the fact that very little of our lives have been private. The westernized nations have naively continued to welcome technologies into their lives without examining their full capabilities. Every new novelty was celebrated. Last year CIA Director Petraeus gleefully anticipated spying on Americans via their dishwashers, though it’s hardly a necessary addition to the already existent grid of smartphones, smart-televisions, smart-meters, cctv networks and cell towers that successfully chart our every move.  At the time, the CIA’s “internet of things” was generally laughed off as a conspiracy theory by most.

Now we all know better because of Snowden and the country is filled with debate and questions concerning our government’s surveillance of a supposedly free people. Though the question that is not being asked is: “Why Snowden?” What is it about Snowden’s “revelations” that caused our media to pay attention?

For the record: Snowden didn’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know or could assume based on the 1989-1990 leaks about the Echelon project. If you’ve never heard of this, take a minute to look it up. You’ll find that the Prism program is a new incarnation of only one branch of a very long-running effort at intercepting and recording all electronic communications. For people of my generation, it is doubtful that we have ever had a private phone call. Think about that for a second, think about all the personal moments that you’ve had with someone over the phone and consider the fact that somewhere all of this information is on file.

The real question should be, why has the media refused to cover this until now? Why have they largely ignored or ridiculed Russ Tice, Duncan Campbell and Nicky Hager? If you don’t know these names it’s important that you look them up also. Read about what they leaked and ask yourself why were they ignored?

In 2010 the Chief Executive of the NSA Thomas Drake leaked information about the Trailblazer Project (precursor to Prism) and his boss, the third highest NSA employee, quit because of the illegal and unconstitutional mission being carried out at the agency. Yet there was absolute media blackout concerning this. See for yourself – search Google’s news archives for ‘Trailblazer Project’ from January 1, 2011 ( the year that the New Yorker magazine wrote about Drake) to November 23 of 2013. You will find absolutely no mention of this historical event at all. It was only on November 24 of this year that our propaganda ministry allowed this story to begin quietly slipping into history by way of the Cairo Review.

There’s also the story of William Binney. Binney graduated with a degree in science in 1970 before volunteering for service in Vietnam. His career in intelligence continued until he resigned from the NSA on October 31, 2001. He’s been described as one of the best analysts and code breakers in the NSA’s history. Without him, programs like Prism would probably not be possible. However when he saw to what ends the agency was using his developments for he left. The New York Times has done an eight minute video on Binney where he confirms that cell phones are being used to surveil us even when they are turned off. He clearly describes how the NSA maps “your entire life”.  Was that not groundbreaking? Was it not a newsworthy story in 2002?

Clearly the media was involved in covering up the NSA’s terrifying programs until Snowden. So why did they this year feign ignorance, shock and disgust when Edward Snowden came forth with what was already old news?

The simple answer is that the game-plan has changed for those in power. The carefully constructed façade of Liberty in this country is crumbling and to maintain that, the media is attempting to maintain it’s legitimacy while also trying to coerce us into accepting the maximum security surveillance grid that surrounds us. The talking heads quickly decry the calls for dismantling the NSA as extremist and dangerous and they insist that NSA is keeping us safe from the terrorists that are funded and directed by our CIA and FBI. They’ve informed us all that Big Brother is watching us and they’ve skillfully convinced many of us that it must simply be accepted.

So now we live in a world where police departments are instructed by national security agencies to conduct a raid on a home simply because there were internet searches done there for both pressure-cookers and backpacks. If any individual officers are bothered by this illegal lack of justification, they will most likely keep silent for fear of being labeled a conspiracy-theorist that refuses to acknowledge how government is protecting us. We now know that the DEA uses the NSA’s illegally gained intelligence against American citizens in court and simply lies about how the information was gained. Our local police and fire departments are now federalized thanks to the Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and should anyone within these departments desire to speak out against the nullification of our nation’s Constitution, they have a long list of whistleblowers to look to for example of how they will be dealt with.

So what does this say about the mysterious Snowden? Should we not consider that, as a member of this anti-American intelligence apparatus, he could very well have acted as a double agent? He has conveniently managed to “escape” not only the CIA, but also to a place where he can be kept hidden from scrutiny and investigation by the independent media. It’s likely that he will live comfortably for the rest of his life without ever being closely examined or questioned concerning how an allegedly low-ranking intelligence professional made such a huge splash by talking about old news.

James Franklin


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